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Job vacancy for Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager to join our team! this is a business minded individual, you will be responsible for business development and managing the day-to-day acquisitions' of clients  which are in line with our company’s mission and standards. 


  • Report to the CEO on all Marketing and Business Promotion activities
  • Drive strategic changes and updates on all communication channels of the company
  • Collaborate with sales to develop strategic partnership activities and identified opportunities for  for new business. 
  • Lead the agency selection/pitch processes and negotiate contract up to final authorization including dispute resolution, approving and qualifying vendor authorization of contacts.
  • Act as a Brand Ambassador for Briens Limited
  • Maintain Regular communication with Clients Marketing team to ensure regular asset and information flow
  • Develop and Implement Marketing activities and plans for Clients
  • Responsible for allocating budget against activities
  • Briefing, creating and managing delivery of marketing materials to clients
  • Create and implement both planned and adhoc marketing opportunities


  • Education Minimum- 1st Degree in a relevant area
  • Experience Minimum of 3 years post Graduate, Final stage in relevant professional or  Minimum 5 years work experience
  • Required Skills 
  • Knowledge in general administration and management 
  • Basic Knowledge in Finance an procurement
  • Basic knowledge in finance and 
  • procurement 
  • A team Player with Leadership and supervisory capabilities
  • Good presentation and writing skills
  • Great usage of the Office Suite
  • Good communication and interpersonal sills and capable of working for longer hour
  • Salary: GHC 2000- GHC 4000

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