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Job Vacancy For Deputy HeadTeacher

 Job Title: Deputy Head Teacher 


General Purpose

To manage the day-to-day operations of the school by implementing decisions of the board, managing and meeting regulators’ expectations, superintending over the activities and interactions of teachers and other staff as well as students, managing other stakeholder relationships, protecting and maintaining school property and in general terms working towards promoting the interests and integrity of the school.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities


Ensure that attendance policy is observed by staff and students and the required records kept;

Maintain appropriate school records such as admission registers, log books, attendance registers, complaints log books, etc;

Ensure proper maintenance of school facilities;

Manage logistics and supplies to ensure availability and avoid misuse;

Ensure that all statutory and regulatory requirements (including renewals) are met and in good time;

Ensure the security of the premises, staff and students (including on buses) at all times.


Establish and enforce a system of rules that ensures professional conduct for staff;

Put together and implement a program of training and personal development for staff, especially teachers;

Ensure close supervision and monitoring of students’ performance and implement a remedial program where necessary;

Establish channels of communication with parents and ensure regular relay of information.


Ensure proper preparation of schemes of work, exercises, and efficient classroom delivery;

Manage the school’s curriculum and ensure the availability of relevant textbooks and reference books at all times;

Closely supervise classroom delivery and ensure expected standards are met by teachers;

Prepare a termly – or yearly plan for co-curricular activities and ensure it is followed;


Liaise with the Finance Department to prepare accurate termly or yearly estimates;

Ensure prompt collection of fees in line with the school’s payment policy;

Manage expenditure judiciously and ensure proper accountability of same.


Ensure accurate and regular reports are prepared and forwarded covering the following: facilities, customer feedback and complaints, curriculum performance, operational, staff appraisal and PTA.

Key Competencies

  • Self-motivation
  • high energy level
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • attention to detail
  • high work standards
  • problem-solving skills
  • decision-making skills
  • organizing and planning skills
  • learning orientation
  • critical thinking skills
  • stress tolerance
  • flexibility
  • adaptability
  • initiative


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