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Job vacancy for Warehouse Supervisor

Job Description

Education: University Degree Experience: 4 years and above Job expires: 10/08/2022 Contract Term: Permanent


  1. Maintains a personnel structure and staffing level to accomplish the warehouse and receiving mission in an effective and efficient manner. Interviews and recommends applicants for hire as warehouse and receiving associates.

2. Plans and coordinates work, trains and motivates, monitors and evaluates performance of warehouse and receiving associates; ensures their ability to safely operate material handling equipment to move materials to and from storage configurations; counsels, records and disciplines as necessary. Develops crew leaders to effectively oversee the daily routines of their assigned crew members.

3. Maintains an equipment structure and level to accomplish the warehouse and receiving mission in a safe, effective manner. Provides appropriate equipment and racking to ensure the safe transport and storage of all materials. Researches material handling equipment to ensure procurement of the most suitable equipment in terms of performance, safety, reliability and cost.

4. Monitors the unloading of all materials into the receiving department; ensures materials are staged for counting and inspection; ensures receiving reports accurately report material received. Resolves discrepancies with accounting regarding invoices, packing slips, and receiver reports. Monitors the flow of paperwork from receiving to inventory control for timely data entry. Oversees the movement of material from receiving to the warehouse in an efficient, effective and safe manner.

5. Oversees the supplying of materials to fabrication and stages material for assembly and sub-assembly. Ensures materials are stored properly to conserve space and comply with safety procedures. Oversees the rotation of inventories within the warehouse.

6. Monitors and measures receiving and warehouse performance for accuracy of locator, receiving reporting, movement and storage of material, and transfers to service parts.

7. Develops and recommends annual budget requirements for the warehouse and receiving department. Anticipates and requests funding for future personnel requirements. Anticipates and requests funding for future material handling equipment.

Required Skills or Experience

1. TechnicalCapacity.

2. Leadership.

3. LearningOrientation.

4. PerformanceManagement.

Strategic and Agile Ltd


 5. CommunicationProficiency. 6. TeamworkOrientation.

7. EthicalConduct.

8. FinancialManagement.

9. Collaboration.

CV’s and Cover Letters should be sent via email with the Role to be applied for in the Email Subject Heading to;

Email address –

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