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IC Group is recruiting for the role of Head of Legal and Company Secretary.

  Job Title: Senior Associate or Vice President, Governance Direct report: Executive Chairman


     The legal department ensures IC Group Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group” or “IC Group”) conducts its activities, and manages its relationships in compliance with laws and integrity; promotes the highest ethical standards across the Group and sets the tone for compliance culture.

The Head of Legal and Company Secretary will be responsible for providing accurate and timely legal advice amid a wide range of corporate and commercial legal matters and undertake corporate administrative functions as listed below. The candidate will be responsible for the Group’s corporate governance systems and processes and be a key individual to ensure the Group’s efficiency and effectiveness. The candidate would further be responsible for the development of a continuous cycle of improvement in good governance including but not limited to: working with the various Boards and Board Committees of the IC Group; developing reporting and assurance processes; good information flows between all Boards and Board Committees; and helping the IC Group better develop its risk profile.

The candidate will be responsible for launching and executing the operation of our business in new African countries. This includes research into new territories, building a local staff on the ground and also helping in the initial setup until a local team is up and running.


     The following list includes duties both legal obligations as well as those which result from best practice:

Legal risk and litigation management

• Review and provide legal advice on agreements, contracts and other legal documents to ensure the Group’s legal rights are protected,

• Liaise with relevant departments to ensure that where legal risks have been identified, appropriate courses of action have been taken.

• Provide and interpret legal information, contact training, and disseminate appropriate legal requirements to staff.

• Review and advise management on legal implications of internal policies and procedures.

• Interpret, analyse and proactively maintain knowledge of up-to-date statutory and regulatory requirements

• Review ongoing cases and advise the board and management accordingly.

• Review progress of outstanding litigation, liaise, and manage external counsel.

• Where appropriate, manage litigation including contractual disputes and employment issues, in conjunction

with external counsel if required.

Operational Expansion

• Lead the setup and establishment of subsidiaries in selected African countries.

• Research and obtain feedback from stakeholders in order to shape the expansion strategy of IC Group within

the next 2 years.

• Partner with experts in Human Resources, Compliance and other relevant persons or institutions to

understand local regulatory requirements for operating in the selected African countries.

• Work closely with the Marketing, Finance, Human Capital and Tech teams to coordinate expansion activities,

including translating those regulatory requirements into clear processes and checklists for launch.

• Execute the launch of subsidiaries and products in selected African countries.

• Manage highly collaborative engagements with external service providers and internal stakeholders that will

guarantee the success of expansion operations.


    Secretary of the Company

• Responsible for ensuring there are comprehensive and effective governance arrangements in place within the meeting structures supported by this role.

• Lead the development, review, and update, where necessary, of the Group’s policies relevant to corporate governance.

• Organise and attend Board meetings along with those of their committees.

• Formulate meeting agendas of the Boards and Board Committees and advise management on content and

organisation of reports or presentations for meetings.

• Collect, organise and distribute such information, documents or other papers as may be required for Boards

and Board Committees meetings.

• Facilitate the smooth operation of all Board, and Committee meetings, ensuring that all meetings are minuted

and that minutes are appropriately maintained.

• Ensure comprehensive record of actions agreed at the meetings are maintained; actions are followed up and

reported on at the appropriate subsequent meeting.

• Review the structure of the Board and Board Committees to ensure that all relevant and appropriate

Committees are in place. Ensure that Committees are properly constituted with clear terms of reference.

• Facilitate the induction and development of new Board members.

• Ensure that formal documentation is filed with appropriate bodies, as required.

• Support circulation of the annual reports and financial statements to Shareholders and other relevant


• Work with the Boards to ensure that annual members' meetings are held.

This is not a comprehensive list and the Company/Board Secretary will also need to refer to other pertinent legislation regulation and the Group’s policies and procedures.


     Core Competences

• Strong analytical and written communication skills

• Result orientated with a process improvement and commercial focus

• Excellent negotiation skills

Education/ Professional Qualification:

• Knowledge of National Laws

• The completion of at least a Bachelor’s Degree and a professional law qualification

• Requires membership in a Bar Association and be in good standing

Remuneration Package:

• Monthly net salary ranging from GHS 10,000 to GHS 16,000 (negotiable)

• Eligibility to participate in the group’s discretionary Incentive Compensation Plan

• Eligibility to participate in the firm’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan

• Eligibility to participate in the group’s Continuous Professional Development Support Plan

• Healthcare benefits, life Insurance, pension benefits (tier 1, 2& 3)

To apply for this role, please send your CV to careers@ic.africa before 30th July 2022.

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