[Mp3 Download]: Ayra Starr ft Asake - Goodbye (Warm Up) - Ghana Pose


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[Mp3 Download]: Ayra Starr ft Asake - Goodbye (Warm Up)

The Nigerian music scene receives a fresh hit single courtesy of the talented singer-songwriter and artist, Ayra Starr and Asake

Her latest release, "Goodbye (Warm Up)," promises to enchant listeners with its distinctive sound and impactful lyrics. 

This remarkable track not only highlights Ayra Starr's prowess as a songwriter and performer but also strikes a chord with many. Its refreshing and thought-provoking sound makes it a must-have addition to any playlist.

Furthermore, "Goodbye (Warm Up)" is a part of Ayra Starr's latest project, "The Year I Turned 21," showcasing her artistic growth and ability to create music that resonates deeply with her audience.

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Ayra Starr ft Asake - Goodbye (Warm Up) [Mp3/Audio Download]

Quotable Lyrics - Ayra Starr ft Asake - Goodbye (Warm Up)

[Chorus: Ayra Starr]
Goodbye (Goodbye)
To my (To my)
Ex (Ex), yes
Hello (Hello)
To my (To my)

[Verse 1: Ayra Starr]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I do not accept your apology (Yeah)
Just let me be (Be), just let me free (Free)
Gimme lil' space, step back, lemme breathe (Breathe)
Gave you the cold shoulder, I really hope you (Freeze)
Until you burn, almost had me in Burberry
Turn you to a brother, ain't tryna get married
Wanna trap me 'cause thе money on her
Praying to a god that I'm not soon buried
This shit piss mе off (Off)
You're too suspicious (Oh), too ridiculous (Oh)
Love ambiguous (Oh)
Now we broken up and I can fix you up
Way past giving up (Oh)
Your face twisted up (Oh)
You called, I can't pick up
Said I broke your heart
Said I damaged ya
Tryna make me the bad guy

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