[Download Mp3 / Video]: Black Sherif - 45 - Ghana Pose

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[Download Mp3 / Video]: Black Sherif - 45


Black Sherif's song titled "45" is a powerful and thought-provoking track that speaks to the challenges faced by many young people in Ghana. Released in 2021, the song is named after the .45 caliber pistol, a symbol of the violence and crime that is prevalent in many communities in Ghana.

The song starts with a haunting piano melody that sets the tone for the somber and reflective lyrics that follow. Black Sherif uses his signature storytelling style to describe the harsh realities of life in Ghana, where poverty, corruption, and violence are all too common. He speaks directly to the youth, acknowledging their struggles and frustrations, but also urging them to stay strong and keep pushing forward.

In the
chorus, Black Sherif repeats the line "I pray I make it to 45," which serves as a reminder of the high mortality rates in Ghana and the importance of living each day to the fullest. He also touches on the issue of police brutality, which has been a major concern in Ghana and other African countries in recent years.

The song's music video features powerful imagery that reinforces the message of the lyrics. It shows Black Sherif and other young people in a gritty urban environment, surrounded by poverty, violence, and corruption. The video ends with a powerful scene in which Black Sherif and his friends hold up a sign that reads "Stop Killing Us," a reference to the protests against police brutality that have taken place in Ghana and around the world.

"45" is more than just a song - it's a call to action. It's a reminder of the struggles faced by many young people in Ghana and the need for change. Black Sherif's honest and relatable lyrics have resonated with audiences both in Ghana and beyond, making him one of the most exciting artists to come out of Africa in recent years.

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